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What is being a Member?

A Member locates a property for a home buyer and gets paid a referral bonus when the buyer closes on the property.

What would I do?

First, we will let you know what types of homes we are looking for. If you see a potential property, take a photo which will be uploaded using an app on your phone. That will then contact us—that’s it! If you are already traveling to and through residential neighborhoods, you will never go out of your way. Just know what we are looking for, and sooner or later, you will come across a property that you can refer to us.

When do I get paid?

We cannot control the owner’s ability to sell us their home. Therefore, you will only receive a referral bonus if we are able to close on the referred property.

What protects me from you walking away with my referral?

We are honest and ethical. We offer a “free agent-buyer agreement” that acknowledges our process and the responsibilities that must be upheld. This agreement will be kept in our records, and a copy will be given to you.

By joining our network of members you have the possibility of potential earnings $300 to $1,000 for a referral.